"Valenti Classics is the one-stop shop for all of your classic car needs."


Valenti Classics began with a detailed restoration father/son project, and since that first vehicle 25 years ago, the Valenti team has restored countless others. Unlike some restoration shops, we don't limit ourselves to one type of car, and we don't cut corners. Restoration means to us "precisely like it was," right down to the factory-specific bolts and inspection markings. We invite you to browse our Restoration Gallery. If you're interested in your car being "precisely like you want it instead, please visit our Custom Builds Gallery.

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Owning a classic car means taking care of a piece of history, and helping you do that is our privilege. From ensuring the right oil is used to prevent catastrophic failure, to our industry-leading 200+ point safety inspection, our service department is focused on keeping you and your classic safe.

Basic service and maintenance needs are met, carb rebuilding, tune-ups, brake jobs, suspension repair, performance upgrades, turbo, twin turbo and superchargers - you name it , we can do it.

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You dream it up and our talented team can make it happen. We love a challenge and there's not much we will say no to. Starting with an idea and a piece of raw material we can mill you a custom bracket or linkage on our Bridgeport. We also design and fabricate our own stainless exhaust systems with electric or boost activated cut outs and unique tips and bezels if that sounds good to you.

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Paint and Body

Owners of restored and custom automobiles have long seen their cars become back-burner or side jobs at the regular bodyshops with work trickling on if at all and some jobs taking years to be completed. Many a project has grinded to a complete halt due to the car being stuck in the body and paint process.

Color and Design Studio LLC by Valenti sets itself apart by focusing solely on restoration and custom body and paintwork. We have assembled a team of highly trained specialists who take pride in their craft while turning out work of the highest caliber. We hand craft original designs bringing them to life through lost arts such metal forming, shaping and even lead work.


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Valenti’s Custom Cockpits will handle all of your needs from stock interior, concours level upholstery and custom one of a kind in-house designed and stitched creations…………..

The details are in the stitches, literally. Bonded nylon, polyester, UV resistant - choices, choices, choices and you better make the right one otherwise your investment will literally disintegrate. Knowing you have the right team working on your project is invaluable as well as having the right equipment. Looking for an upgrade or something that pops? French stitching is a great way to go and our artists know how to run our double needle machine ensuring perfect symmetry.

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Store your investment with the experts. Don’t make a costly mistake by choosing the wrong place. If you wouldn’t sleep in a dirty, damp, rodent infested environment then why should your car?

This Facility is located in Franklin, WI. We service Racine, Kenosha and Milwaukee county. We also have another secured facility that has all the same great features however this is at an undisclosed private location. Please inquire, but don't bother asking where the building is cause then it wouldn't be secret anymore : ). Vehicle would be dropped off at our Franklin facility and we would transport it to the hidden location.

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Now that you’ve gotten the car of your dreams let Valenti Classics help you keep it showroom new. That’s where our Detailing Service comes in. Valenti takes care of your car as if it were ours. Utilizing the finest products on the market we’ll pamper your baby from the tip of the antenna to the tread on the tires and everything in between.

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Our cars have appeared in television commercials, movies on the silver screen, at corporate events, charity fundraisers, golf outings, nationwide ad campaigns and even in funeral processions for just one more ride.

Some memorable ones have been Speedway commercials, Farm fertilizer ad campaign, Johnny Depp's Public Enemies Movie and The Women's Resource Center Fundraiser.


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